The Tiger and the Ass-Moral Story In English

Title: The Tiger and the Ass

Once upon a time, a tiger and an ass lived in a dense forest. The tiger was fierce, strong, and always on the hunt for his next meal. The ass, on the other hand, was a hardworking creature who carried heavy loads for his master.

One day, as the tiger was roaming the forest for food, he came across the ass. The tiger was hungry, and the ass looked like easy prey. But before he could attack, the ass spoke up.

“Dear tiger, I know you are hungry, but please spare my life. I am just an ordinary ass who works hard for his master. I am useless to you, and you won’t gain anything by killing me.”

The tiger was surprised to hear the ass talk. He had never met an animal that could speak before. The tiger momentarily thought and replied, “You are a right, dear ass. I will not harm you. But you must promise me one thing. You must never be proud of your ability to speak. Remember, you are still just an ass.”

The ass promised the tiger that he would never forget his place and always be humble. From that day on, the tiger and the ass became good friends. The tiger would often share his kill with the ass, and the ass would help the tiger carry his prey back to his den.

Years passed, and one day, the ass’s master decided to sell him to a new owner. The ass was sad to leave his tiger friend but knew he had to go. As he was being led away, the ass heard a familiar growl. It was the tiger.

“Where are you taking my friend?” roared the tiger.

The ass’s master explained that he was selling the ass to a new owner. The tiger was furious. “You can’t sell, my friend. He is a loyal and hardworking creature.”

The tiger attacked the ass’s master and freed the ass. From that day on, the tiger and the ass roamed the forest together, helping each other out and never forgetting the moral of their story: it doesn’t matter who you are or what you can do. What matters is how you treat others and the relationships you build along the way.

The end

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