The Farmer’s Wisdom-Moral story in English

Title: The Farmer’s Wisdom

Once upon a time, a farmer lived in a small village. He had a farm where he cultivated various crops and reared some animals, including chickens and goats. One day, a fox came to his farm and raided his chicken coop. The farmer was very upset as the fox was stealing his hard-earned chickens. He tried everything to catch the fox but failed every time.

One day, the farmer sat and observed the fox’s movements to understand its behavior. He watched the fox exit the woods and go to the chicken coop. The farmer noticed the fox was hungry and just trying to feed its family.

The farmer realized that the fox was not trying to harm him or his farm but to survive. The farmer then left some food for the fox outside the coop, hoping it would stop stealing his chickens.

The next day, the farmer was surprised to see the fox waiting outside his door. The farmer offered the fox some food, and it gratefully accepted it. The fox never raided the chicken coop again, and the farmer’s chickens were safe.

The farmer learned an important lesson that day. He realized that every creature on this planet has a purpose, and they all try to survive in their way. Instead of getting angry and trying to harm the fox, he showed compassion and understanding. In return, the fox showed him respect and gratitude.

From that day on, the farmer always had a food bowl for the fox, and the two became unlikely friends. The farmer’s wisdom and kindness helped him not only to save his chickens but also to gain a new friend.

The end.

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