The Monkey and the Dog-Short Moral Story In English

Title: The Monkey and the Dog

Once upon a time, a monkey and a dog lived in a dense jungle. The monkey spent his days swinging from tree to tree and gathering fruits, while the dog spent his days chasing after small animals and barking at any intruders.

One day, the monkey found many ripe bananas hanging from a high branch. The monkey was too afraid to climb that high and feared he would fall, so he called the dog for help. Loyal to his friend, the dog agreed to help the monkey however he could.

The monkey climbed on the dog’s back, and the dog jumped up to reach the bananas. Together they managed to get the bananas down, and the monkey was overjoyed at seeing his favorite fruit.

As they were returning to their homes, they came across a river. As an expert swimmer, the monkey jumped into the river and started swimming towards the other side. However, the dog was not a good swimmer and struggled to keep his head above the water. Seeing the dog’s distress, the monkey quickly returned and safely helped the dog cross the river.

From that day onwards, the monkey and the dog became best friends. They shared their food, played together, and looked out for each other. The other animals in the jungle admired their friendship and often said their bond was stronger than any other animal.

Years went by, and the monkey grew old. One day, while the monkey was sitting on a tree, he slipped and fell, hurting himself badly. The dog, who was nearby, rushed to his friend’s side and tried to help him. However, the monkey’s injuries were severe, and he knew he would not make it.

As he lay dying, the monkey looked at his friend and said, “Thank you for being my friend and always being there for me. You are the best friend a monkey could ever ask for.” With those words, the monkey took his last breath and closed his eyes forever.

The dog was heartbroken at the loss of his friend. He knew that he would miss the monkey dearly, but he also knew that he would never forget the lessons he had learned from their friendship – loyalty, compassion, and the importance of standing by your friends.

And so, the dog continued to live in the jungle, telling the other animals about the monkey and the valuable lessons he had learned from their friendship. The monkey may have passed away, but his legacy lived through the dog and the other animals in the jungle.

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