The Wise Elephant-Short Moral Story In English

Title: The Wise Elephant

A wise old elephant named Bala lived in a lush green jungle. Bala was the herd leader and was respected by all the animals in the jungle for his intelligence and kindness.

One day, Bala saw a group of young elephants playing near a river. He overheard them boasting about their strength and speed as he walked closer. One of the young elephants even teased a smaller animal for being slow.

Bala could sense the pride and arrogance in the young elephants’ words and knew that they needed to learn a lesson. He called all the young elephants together and told them a story.

“Once upon a time, there was a young elephant named Raja. Raja was strong and fast, and he loved to show off his skills to the other animals in the jungle. One day, he challenged a tortoise to a race. The tortoise accepted the challenge, but Raja was so confident in his speed that he let the tortoise have a head start.”

The young elephants were amused by the story and asked Bala what happened next.

Bala continued, “As Raja was racing towards the finish line, he noticed that the tortoise was still far ahead. He tried to run faster, but it was too late. The tortoise had won the race.”

The young elephants were surprised and asked Bala how this was possible.

Bala explained, “The tortoise may have been slow, but he was steady and determined. He never gave up and kept moving towards his goal. In life, it’s not always the fastest or strongest who win, but those who are patient, determined, and humble.”

The young elephants were humbled by Bala’s words and learned an important lesson that day. They realized it’s not about being better than others but being the best version of oneself.

From that day on, the young elephants respected the smaller animals in the jungle and treated them with kindness and humility. And Bala, the wise old elephant, was proud of the moral values he had instilled in the young ones.

The end.

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