Title: The Ant and the Elephant-Short Moral Story In English

Title: The Ant and the Elephant

Once upon a time, an ant and an elephant lived side by side in a vast African savannah. They were very good friends and would always spend their afternoons chatting and sharing stories. However, one day, as they walked through the jungle, the ant began to feel inferior to the elephant.

The ant thought to herself, “I’m so small and weak, while the elephant is strong. What good can I ever be compared to him?”

The elephant noticed the ant’s melancholy and asked her what was wrong. The ant explained her feelings of inadequacy, and the elephant listened carefully.

The elephant replied, “My dear friend, do not ever feel inferior because of my size and strength. You may be small, but you are quick and agile. You can reach places I can’t and do things I can’t. Besides, we are different animals with different abilities and can complement each other in many ways.”

The elephant’s words moved the ant, and she began to appreciate herself more. From that day on, she stopped comparing herself to the elephant and focused on her strengths.

Years went by, and the ant and the elephant remained good friends. A terrible storm hit the savannah one day, and many trees fell, blocking the river’s flow. The elephant tried to push the trees aside, but they were too heavy for him. On the other hand, the ant crawled into the gaps between the trees and dug tunnels, allowing the water to flow freely again.

The elephant was amazed by the ant’s ingenuity and said, “You see, my dear friend, I told you that we could complement each other. You may be small, but you are mighty.”

The ant and the elephant learned that each had unique abilities that made them valuable. They realized it was not about size or strength but how they used their abilities to help each other and their community.

From that day on, they lived happily, side by side, knowing they were both valuable and important, no matter how different.

Moral of the story: Never compare yourself to others; focus on your strengths and abilities and use them to complement others. Together, we can achieve great things.

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