The importance of friendship-Moral Story In English

Title of the story: The importance of friendship.

After returning to his village, Ram’s friends asked him about his journey. Ram told them everything about his friend Ravi, who had trusted him but was betrayed.

Ravi explained to Ram the importance of friendship. He said that friendship is a bond that gives us company in both happiness and sorrow. He told Ram he was his true friend and would never leave him alone.

Ram was very pleased with Ravi’s statement and was ready to thank him. Ravi told Ram that hard work and desire are required to maintain a friendship.

After explaining the importance of friendship between those friends, Ram throws a big party for them. He shared happiness with his friends and understood the importance of his friendship.

The message of this story is that friendship is a very important thing that always supports us. We should always give time to our friends and help them. We should always be with them.


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