The Proud Peacock and the Wise Snake-Short Moral Story In English

Title: The Proud Peacock and the Wise Snake

Once upon a time, a beautiful peacock named Peter lived in a lush green forest. He was known for his magnificent feathers and his proud nature. One day, while strutting around, showing off his feathers, he came across a wise old snake named Sam.

“Hello, Mr. Snake,” said Peter, “Don’t you think I’m the most beautiful creature in this forest?”

Sam replied, “You are indeed very beautiful, Mr. Peacock, but remember, beauty is not the only thing that matters in life.”

Peter laughed, saying, “What else could be more important than beauty? Everyone admires me for my beauty and my feathers.”

Sam replied calmly, “It’s not just about being admired, Mr. Peacock. One should also have qualities such as wisdom, kindness, and humility. These qualities make a creature truly beautiful, both inside and out.”

Peter, however, was too proud to listen to Sam’s advice. He continued strutting around the forest, showing off his feathers to anyone looking. One day, as he showed off his feathers, he saw a group of monkeys making fun of him.

Peter was furious. He flapped his feathers and screamed at the monkeys, but they only laughed harder. Feeling humiliated, Peter realized that his beauty had made him too proud and had forgotten the importance of other qualities.

He went back to Sam, apologizing for not listening earlier. Sam forgave him and said, “It’s never too late to learn Mr. Peacock. Remember, true beauty lies in one’s character, not just their physical appearance.”

From that day on, Peter began to focus on developing other qualities. He started to help other animals in the forest and became known for his kindness and wisdom. He realized that he could be beautiful without being proud.

The moral of this story is that true beauty lies in one’s character, not just their physical appearance. It’s essential to be kind, humble, and wise and not just rely on our external beauty to gain admiration from others.

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