The Wise Bird-Short Moral Story In English

Title: The Wise Bird

Once upon a time, a small bird lived in a lush forest. The bird was known for its intelligence and wit, and many animals sought its advice.

One day, a bird hunter entered the forest with his gun. He had heard about the wise bird and decided to catch it and sell it for a high price.

The bird, sensing danger, decided to outsmart the hunter. It approached him and said, “I know you are here to catch me, but before you do, can you answer a riddle for me?”

The hunter, thinking he was smarter than a bird, agreed to answer the riddle. The bird asked, “What is small but powerful, can fly high in the sky, and can see far into the distance?”

The hunter thought momentarily and replied confidently, “A telescope!”

The bird chuckled and said, “No, the answer is a conscience. You may have the power to kill me, but your conscience will always remind you of the wrong you have done.”

The hunter was taken aback by the bird’s wise words and realized the error of his ways. He put down his gun and left the forest, vowing never to harm another living creature again.

From that day on, the wise bird was known for its intelligence and ability to teach important morals.

Moral of the story: Sometimes, the smallest and weakest creatures can teach us the most important lessons.

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