The Rabbit and the Fox-Short Moral Story In English

Title: The Rabbit and the Fox

Once upon a time, a clever and cunning fox lived in a dense forest named Tom. Tom was notorious for his sly and deceitful ways. One day, while strolling around the forest, Tom stumbled upon a timid rabbit named Benny. Tom’s eyes gleamed with excitement at the sight of the small rabbit.

“Hello there, Benny. What brings you here?” Tom asked, with a sly grin on his face.

“I was just looking for food,” Benny replied, shivering with fear.

“Well, I know where you can find the tastiest carrots in the forest. Follow me,” Tom said, leading Benny deep into the forest.

As they walked, Tom kept talking about how he was the smartest and most respected animal in the forest. Benny, who was increasingly nervous, decided to play Tom’s game. He pretended to be amazed by Tom’s intelligence and cunning ways.

Eventually, they reached a beautiful meadow filled with delicious carrots. Benny was so happy that he started to eat without a second thought. However, as Benny ate, he realized that Tom had tricked him. Tom had led Benny to the meadow to eat the carrots, but he had no intention of sharing them.

Benny looked around and saw that he was surrounded by Tom’s allies, all laughing at him. Benny felt helpless and trapped, but he knew he had to think fast to survive.

He quickly hatched a plan. Benny pretended to choke on a carrot and acted like he was dying. The other animals started to panic and asked Tom to help Benny. Tom, who had been boasting, suddenly became worried and ran towards Benny.

When Tom reached Benny, the rabbit jumped and ran towards the forest. Tom was too surprised to react, and Benny managed to escape.

From that day on, Benny became known as the smartest animal in the forest, and Tom’s reputation as a sly and deceitful fox was tarnished.

The moral of the story: Cunning and deceitful may work in the short term, but honesty and intelligence will always win.

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