The Proud Peacock-Short Moral Story In English

Title: The Proud Peacock

Once, a beautiful peacock named Percy lived in a lush green forest. Percy had magnificent feathers that shone in the sunlight, making him the most stunning bird in the forest. He was proud of his beauty and flaunted it wherever he went.

One day, Percy was showing off his feathers to his friends, the sparrows, when he noticed a group of children walking towards them. The children were amazed by Percy’s beautiful feathers and started chasing him to get a closer look. Percy, feeling proud, started to strut around, showing off his feathers even more.

As Percy was prancing around, he failed to notice the low-hanging branch of a tree. Before he knew it, he had caught his feathers in the branch and was stuck. The more he tried to get free, the more tangled he became. The sparrows tried to help him but were too small to do much.

As the sun began to set, Percy realized that he was going to be stuck in the tree all night. He felt embarrassed and ashamed of his pride, wishing he had been more careful. But then, he heard a rustling in the bushes nearby.

Out of the bushes emerged a wise old owl who had been watching the whole scene. The owl flew to Percy and carefully untangled his feathers from the branch. Percy felt grateful and apologized to the owl for his foolishness.

From that day on, Percy realized that beauty was not just about appearance but also wisdom and kindness. He learned to be humble and grateful for his blessings, and he became a beloved member of the forest community.

The end.

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