The Clever Fox and the Stubborn Ass-Short Moral Story In English

Title: The Clever Fox and the Stubborn Ass

Once upon a time, a clever fox and a stubborn ass lived in a small village. The fox always looked for opportunities to get an advantage over others, while the ass believed in sticking to his beliefs no matter what.

One day, the fox and the ass were walking through a forest when they stumbled upon a lush green field filled with fresh grass. The cunning fox suggested to the ass that they eat the grass together. The ass agreed, and they started grazing.

After a while, the fox pretended to be tired and lay on the grass. He then suggested to the ass that he should sing a song to pass the time. The ass, fond of singing, started singing and didn’t notice that the fox had slipped away.

When the ass finished singing, he looked around for the fox, but he was nowhere to be found. The ass started panicking and realized that the clever fox had tricked him.

The ass then remembered his stubbornness and decided to take matters into his own hands. He walked around the forest and gathered as many sticks as possible. He then carried them back to the field and placed them in a circle, lighting a fire to keep himself warm.

The fox returned to the field as night fell, expecting to find the ass sleeping. However, he was surprised to find the ass sitting comfortably by the fire, waiting for him. The fox tried to explain himself, but the ass refused to listen and chased him away.

From that day on, the fox learned not to underestimate the stubbornness of the ass, while the ass learned to be more vigilant and not let his guard down.

And so, the clever fox and the stubborn ass continued to live their lives, each with a newfound respect for the other.

The end

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