The Wise Frog and the Sly Snake-Short Moral Story In English

Title: The Wise Frog and the Sly Snake

Once upon a time, a wise old frog named Ribbit lived in a lush green forest. All the creatures in the forest respected Ribbit for his sensible advice and problem-solving ability. One day, a sly snake named Slytherin approached Ribbit and asked for his advice.

“Dear Ribbit,” Slytherin said, “I have a problem. I am hungry, but I cannot catch any prey. What should I do?”

Ribbit thought momentarily and then said, “You must be patient Slytherin. Hunting takes time and effort. You must wait for the right opportunity and strike when the time is right.”

But Slytherin was not satisfied with Ribbit’s advice. He thought he could do better and decided to hunt on his own. So, he slithered away, looking for his prey.

A few days later, Slytherin returned to Ribbit with a big, fat frog in his mouth. “Look, Ribbit!” Slytherin exclaimed. “I followed your advice and waited for the right opportunity. And now, I have caught my prey!”

But Ribbit was not impressed. “Slytherin,” Ribbit said, “you may have caught your prey, but at what cost? You have lost my respect and the respect of all the creatures in the forest. Your actions have shown that you are not to be trusted.”

Slytherin realized his mistake and felt ashamed. From that day on, he followed Ribbit’s advice and was patient when hunting. Slowly but surely, he earned back the respect of his fellow creatures.

The story’s moral is that patience and wisdom are key to success and that trust is easily lost but hard to regain.

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