The Lonely Peacock-Short Moral Story In English

Title: The Lonely Peacock

On a rainy day, a beautiful peacock named Peter sat alone in his garden, feeling lonely and sad. All the other animals had gone inside to avoid the rain, leaving him alone.

Peter was used to being the center of attention. He loved showing off his colorful feathers and hearing the admiration of others. But on this rainy day, no one was around to appreciate his beauty. The rain had washed away his vibrant colors, and he felt like another bird in the garden.

As the rain continued to fall, Peter started to feel sorry for himself. He wondered why no one was around to keep him company. He longed for someone to talk to and share his stories with.

Just as Peter was starting to lose hope, a little girl appeared in the garden. She was wearing a bright yellow raincoat and carrying an umbrella. She spotted Peter and ran over to him, admiring his feathers.

Peter was thrilled to have someone to talk to. He told the little girl about his life in the garden and how much he loved showing off his feathers. The little girl listened intently, fascinated by Peter’s stories.

As the rain began to let up, the little girl said goodbye to Peter and ran off to play. But Peter was no longer alone. He had someone to share his stories with and realized that sometimes the best company comes from unexpected places.

From that day on, Peter looked forward to rainy days. He knew that even if the other animals went inside, he would always have someone to talk to. And he learned that true beauty comes from within, not just from his colorful feathers.

The end

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