The Fox and the Crocodile-Short Moral Story In English

Title: The Fox and the Crocodile

Once upon a time, a wise and cunning fox lived in a lush green forest. One day, the fox came across a crocodile who lived in a nearby river. They struck up a conversation and became friends.

The crocodile invited the fox to his home on a small island in the river. The fox accepted the invitation, but as soon as they reached the island, the crocodile revealed his true intentions. He had invited the fox there to eat him.

The fox, sensing danger, quickly thought of a plan. He told the crocodile that he was an excellent singer and would love to sing for him before he was eaten. The crocodile, intrigued, agreed.

The fox started singing a beautiful song and as he sang, he moved closer to the crocodile. When he was close enough, the fox quickly jumped onto the crocodile’s back and scampered away to safety.

The crocodile, enraged at being outsmarted, chased after the fox but soon realized that he couldn’t catch him. He called out to the fox and apologized for his behavior, promising never to harm him again.

The wise fox forgave the crocodile but told him he had learned an important lesson. He told the crocodile that greed and deceit would only lead to one’s downfall.

From that day on, the crocodile and the fox remained friends, and the crocodile never forgot the lesson he had learned.

The moral of the story: Deceit and greed lead to one’s downfall.

The end.

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