The Donkey’s Misguided Loyalty-Short Moral Story In English

Title: The Donkey’s Misguided Loyalty

There once was a donkey named Don who had a bad owner. His owner, a cruel man named Simon, would beat Don for the slightest mistake and never give him enough food or water. Despite the mistreatment, Don remained loyal to Simon, thinking he had no other options in life.

One day, as Simon was taking Don to the market, Don noticed a group of wild donkeys running freely in the nearby hills. He longed to join them but was too afraid to leave Simon’s side. Simon noticed Don’s longing gaze and laughed, saying, “You stupid animal, those wild donkeys will never accept you. You belong to me, and you will stay with me until the day you die.”

Don hung his head low, feeling hopeless and trapped. But as they arrived at the market, Simon became distracted, and Don saw his chance. With courage, Don broke free and ran towards the hills, leaving Simon angrily shouting.

At first, the wild donkeys were hesitant to accept Don, seeing him as a domesticated animal. But seeing his determination and loyalty, they welcomed him into their herd. Don was overjoyed to finally have found a place where he belonged, surrounded by friends who accepted him for who he was.

Days turned into weeks, and Don thrived in his new home. He was stronger, healthier, and happier than ever before. But one day, Simon appeared in the hills, looking for Don. He demanded that Don returns with him, claiming he was still his property.

Don was torn. He didn’t want to leave his new friends, but he felt loyal to Simon, despite everything he had done to him. In the end, Don returned with Simon, hoping he could somehow make things better.

But Simon was just as cruel as ever, and Don soon regretted his decision. He longed for the freedom and happiness he had experienced with the wild donkeys and vowed never to let anyone control him again.

From that day forward, Don became an advocate for animal rights, fighting for the freedom and dignity of all animals, domesticated or wild. He never forgot the lessons he learned about loyalty and freedom, and he lived the rest of his life as a free and happy donkey, surrounded by friends who loved him for who he was.

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