The Tiger and the Rabbit’s Wisdom-Short Moral Story In English

Title: The Tiger and the Rabbit’s Wisdom

Once upon a time, in a dense jungle, there lived a cunning tiger who all the animals feared. One day, while hunting for his prey, he came across a small rabbit.

The tiger was about to pounce on the rabbit when the clever rabbit spoke up, “Oh, mighty tiger! Before you devour me, I must ask you a question. Do you think you are the strongest animal in the jungle?”

Flattered by the question, the tiger replied confidently, “Of course, I am the strongest animal in the jungle. No one can defeat me.”

With a wise smile, the rabbit continued, “Well, I have heard that there is a hunter in the jungle who has been targeting powerful animals like you. He has traps, spears, and guns. I fear that you might fall into one of his traps.”

The arrogant and overconfident tiger laughed off the rabbit’s warning and continued on his way. But as he walked deeper into the jungle, he stumbled upon a trap laid by the hunter. The tiger was captured and could not escape.

In his helpless state, the tiger remembered the rabbit’s warning and realized the importance of wisdom and humility. He felt ashamed of his arrogance and begged for the rabbit’s forgiveness.

The rabbit forgave the tiger and helped him escape from the hunter’s trap. From that day on, the tiger respected and honored the rabbit’s wisdom and became a humble and just jungle ruler.

The story’s moral is that arrogance and overconfidence can lead to one’s downfall. It’s always wise to listen to the advice of others, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

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