The Tiger and the Goat-Moral Story In English

Title: The Tiger and the Goat

Once upon a time, there was a hungry tiger in a dense forest. He had not eaten anything for several days and desperately sought something. As he wandered through the forest, he saw a little goat grazing on the grass.

The tiger pounced on the goat and was about to devour it when the goat spoke, “Dear tiger, please spare my life. I have a family waiting for me; they will be left alone if I am gone. Please let me go, and I promise to repay your kindness someday.”

The tiger was surprised to hear the goat’s words and wondered how a small creature like a goat could repay his kindness. Nevertheless, he decided to let the goat go, and the goat scampered away as fast as possible.

Several years passed, and one day, the tiger was trapped in a hunter’s trap. He struggled to get free, but the trap was too tight. He roared angrily and frustrated, but no one came to his aid.

When he thought it was the end, he heard a familiar voice. It was the little goat he had spared all those years ago. The goat had grown up to be a strong and wise animal and had come to rescue the tiger.

The goat used all its strength and cunning to break the trap and free the tiger. The tiger was amazed at the goat’s bravery and ashamed of his actions.

From that day on, the tiger and the goat became best friends. The tiger learned that even the smallest and weakest creatures could greatly help and that showing kindness to all beings is important.

And so, the story’s moral is that kindness is never wasted and always comes back to us when we least expect it.

The End.

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